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zen training for busy AF moms

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my little gift to you


Stay Foxy & find yourself


Easy AF

Find your firm ground as a woman, a wife, and a mom to feel that yogi-like inner peace.

Household Management

Welcome in stress-free meals and high-vibe home life, being present in your most important relationships

Early Life Chakra Healing

Clear out any early life trauma that negatively effects your health thru Coaching, nutrition, Reiki, and soul work.

hi, i’m jeni.

I was born to a 14 year old mother with a myriad of mental illnesses and a lifetime of traumatic experiences. I grew up in an unstable environment of revolving men, drugs and toxicity. Caring for my siblings at a young age, hoping there would be enough food in the house to feed them. I thought this was a normal life, but it felt wrong in my bones. I dreamed of running away and living in a boxcar. My whole life I felt small, unacknowledged but I knew I wanted so much more. So I moved out when I was 16. I married young (twice), had my own babies *cough* six of them. Years of unresolved trauma, turned into Depression, Anxiety, IBS, and other issues a doctor couldn’t heal, so I had no choice but to heal myself.

I used to be a hot ass mess, but now I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but I learned how to embrace the calm in the chaos. I teach easy practices for the deepest and most sincere peace you have ever felt. There’s a whole lot more unravelling.


tired of fad diets and
personal trainers that don’t work?

This is like spring cleaning for the soul. We address foods, addictions, relationships (bye bitches!) and mindsets to make room for massive mind, body and spiritual growth! Hello peace and happiness!


want to design your dream life?

Once we’ve cut all the crap, we’ll create a solid foundation for you to build upon and then do the exciting work of lifestyle renovations and UPGRADES!


here’s the thing, girl.

What you want is not impossible. You deserve a life you love!
We’ll reclaim your mornings as sacred time for you, get your house under control, and design your dream life.
You’ll feel lighter. Empowered. Moving forward confidently with a sense of joy and purpose.


And just between you and me, being a Mom
is one of the most overwhelming jobs on the planet.

But it doesn’t have to be so hard.
So middle fingers up, tell that shit bye!